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Complex of houses, Bistritsa, Sofia Region, prices from € 450 000

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VAT:  price VAT included

Building area: 1205 sq.m

Construction type: brick

Stage of construction: Rough construction

Completion date: 12.2024

Joinery: PVC

Heating: air-to-water heat pump

  • It is delivered on plaster and putty

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  • A building with a high class of energy efficiency
  • Low-rise area
  • Access control system
  • The building will be managed under the Condominium Act
  • Plumbing from polypropylene pipes
  • Heating with individual air-to-water heat pumps
  • Separate above-ground garages
  • Access control
  • Reinforced concrete beamless construction
  • Wienerberger bricks
  • Thermal insulation of external walls
  • Flat roof with XPS thermal insulation
  • Walls - gypsum plaster, floors - cement screed
  • Balconies / terraces with applied hydro and steam insulation and installed high quality frost resistant granite

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Detailed information about the offered properties:

Properties in the project All properties (5) HOUSE (5)
HOUSE 1 етап 1, 301.41 m2, (Built-up area 104.75 m2), Yard area 117.00 m2, Bedrooms 3, € 450 000 (€ 1 493/sq.m) AVAILABLE
HOUSE 2 етап 1, 301.41 m2, (Built-up area 104.75 m2), Yard area 70.00 m2, Bedrooms 3, € 450 000 (€ 1 493/sq.m) AVAILABLE
HOUSE 1 етап 2, 301.41 m2, (Built-up area 104.75 m2), Yard area 83.00 m2, Bedrooms 3, € 450 000 (€ 1 493/sq.m) AVAILABLE
HOUSE 2 етап 2, 301.41 m2, (Built-up area 104.75 m2), Yard area 147.00 m2, Bedrooms 3, € 450 000 (€ 1 493/sq.m) AVAILABLE
HOUSE 4 етап 2, 301.41 m2, (Built-up area 104.75 m2), Yard area 129.00 m2, Bedrooms 3, € 450 000 (€ 1 493/sq.m) AVAILABLE
The list of submitted offers does not exhaust the full potential to buy a property in this building. There may be a property that has not yet been announced. Please contact the agent for contacts.


Elizabet Tsenova
Head Agent

Phone: 0883943869