1 million Bulgarians may be left without TV after analogue switch-off

Following the planned termination of the analog signal on September 30, between 350,000 and one million Bulgarians, who now rely solely on terrestrial television signal, may be left without a television signal. This was announced by Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) chairman Veselin Bozhkov.

He appealed to multiplex operators to publish maps and lists of settlements where there will be - and where there will be no digital signal.

However, even in areas with a digital signal, some people will be left without a TV program, as the coverage is only 85% out of 100% so far, Bozhkov warned.

"Therefore I appeal also to the Bulgarian government and to legislative bodies, because this has to be decided'' the CRC chair noted.

CRC warned that unless urgent measures are taken, after September 30, people will lose their analogue TV and will be forced to become customers of a cable network or to simply buy satellite dishes.

Despite the difficulties, Bozhkov believes a successive delay of digitization will not solve the problems.

Source: http://www.standartnews.com

24.09.2013, Society