14 Bulgarian companies in the top 500 of the largest businesses in Central and Eastern Europe

International company for credit insurance and management of trade receivables "Coface Group" announced its traditional ranking of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe - Coface CEE Top 500 .

The list ranks companies in the region in their turnover, in addition, analyzed data on the number of employees, sector and market risks. This year it includes 14 Bulgarian companies led by "Lukoil" the 19th position and "AURUBIS " 51st .

"Obviously, a growing part of Europe in 2012 and 2013 had difficult years. Analysis of the Top 500 companies in the region, however, shows that even in tough economic times , there is potential for growth. Leading companies in the ranking increased their turnover by 5 %, which is indicative of its importance not only in the region but throughout Europe , "said Katarzyna Kompowska , CEO of "Coface" for Central Europe.

The number of Bulgarian companies in the chart notes minimal decrease. In 2011, they were 16 and in 2010 - 17. Our country boasts another interesting feature - only 0.3 % of the workforce it is employed in companies falling in ranking. In this respect, it ranks last. The competitiveness of Bulgaria counts and other indicators - total turnover of companies in the ranking, which is 16.098 billion euros and that the country occupies the eighth position. This indicator, however, noted a slight decrease - 1% to the value for 2011.

"Lukoil Bourgas" moved from 25th place in the region last year to 19th place , with 22% increase in turnover and a 30% reduction in the net loss for 2012 compared to the previous year. "Aurubis Bulgaria" is moved from 47 to 51 on the list of "Coface " , the annual turnover of the company decreased by 7.6% , and its profit - by 11.1% . "Lukoil Bulgaria" which moved up one position, taking 71th place.

Besides "Aurubis Bulgaria" are two Bulgarian companies that occupy a lower position in the ranking compared to the previous year. These are the "OMV Bulgaria" (189th moved 200) and "Mobiltel" (from 390th to 416th place ) , indicated by "Coface". "OMV Bulgaria" decreased by 5.5% in turnover and 2.3 million net profit in 2011, the last financial result of the company's loss of 3.7 million. The decline in the annual turnover of the " Mobiltel " is 13.2% , while profit for 2012 increased by 20.9 percent , analysts say.

10 of the 14 Bulgarian companies in the current rating Coface CEE top 500 occupy a higher position than last year. NEC 86 position remains unchanged. Two Bulgarian firms dropped from the list this year - "Steel Industry" and "Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile" .

Despite the economic crisis, companies Coface CEE Top 500 increased its total turnover in 2012 by 5% , exceeding 628 billion. This presentation does not lead to good results in terms of net profit. If in 2011 the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe recorded an increase in profits in 2012, they declined by nearly 32 % to 20 billion.

The number of employees in companies of Coface CEE Top 500 increased slightly - by 1.5 % compared to last year. However, the picture is rather mixed. Increased unemployment often goes hand in hand with changes in big business, the study found.

Most of the big companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe come from Poland, which accounts for more than one-third of the largest companies in the field (171 in total, 34.2% of total) . The country has strengthened its leading position and increased by 6% in turnover over the previous year , reaching 234 billion. Polish companies are at the top in terms of net profit , which is the total 8.460 billion.

Hungary has the second highest number of companies in the ranking Coface CEE Top 500 (66 , 13.2% ) with an increase in turnover to 240 billion. While in 2011, was third . " Coface ", recommends them to be monitored carefully as net profit annually observes significant decrease of 27.5% .

Romania stands in third place , displacing Ukraine it. This can be explained by an increase of 22.7% the number of companies in the rankings - 54 . Indicators in turnover and profit , the country is in fifth position in the ranking .

Most of the companies in the list are from the oil sector. 65 companies generate a profit of 162 billion. Difficult year seems essential in the industry - the total net profit shrank by 34.6%. This is followed by energy companies which cannot reach half the turnover of those in the oil sector (76 billion euros). The average rate of growth in the sector is very promising ( 11%), but companies here respond to reduced demand for energy because of the recession , freeing staff (down 12.9% ), and experiencing a sharp decline in profit . Automotive sector this year managed to enter the top 3 - these are 42 companies which were almost 63 billion turnover , the largest share of which came from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Skoda Auto SS, Volkswagen Slovakia, KIA Motors).

In general the countries of Central and Eastern Europe reported delayed development, with an average annual growth of 1.2 % compared with 5% in emerging markets. Since 2011, the insolvency of the region has increased almost three times, in 2013 is expected to further increase.

The economy of Bulgaria is presented in the best light on the background of the region - growth remained positive due to household consumption, and unemployment is still falling. Nevertheless, the recession in the euro zone has impacts: because of reduced demand from major trading partners, Germany, Romania and Turkey, the demand for Bulgarian products decreases. Weak exports, along with more imports will affect the current account balance - the 2013 deficit is expected.

Source: manager.bg

03.09.2013, Economy