45% of young people would never leave Bulgaria

45% of young people in this country say that they would not leave Bulgaria under no circumstances, the results of a nationally representative survey "Bulgarian youth 2013" conducted by the National Center for Public Opinion Research (NTSIOM).

More often this is the position of the respondents with higher education (56% of them), people aged between 30 and 35 years (56%), living in Sofia (52%) employed in the public sector (58%) and with a family (53% thereof).

It can be concluded, that these are young people who managed to create a successful life in Bulgaria.

43%, thus a slightly lower proportion of the young people say that they intend to temporarily leave Bulgaria.

More often they are young people aged between 15 and 18 years living in villages, ethnic minorities and/or are less educated and unemployed.

12% of the respondents indicated that they intend to remain to live abroad permanently. Most often these were young respondents under the age of 18, who were less educated, unemployed and single, the NTSIOM survey shows.

Source: http://www.standartnews.com/

22.08.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA