Apple broke all records! 9 million units were purchased in 3 days

U.S. technology manufacturer Apple again proved its place among the smartphone leaders by setting a new historical record.

The company announced that for the first weekend of the launch of its new flagship phone iPhone 5S has sold a total of 9 million units. This includes the models of the cheaper iPhone 5C with colorful casing. This is almost twice the units sold by the previous model iPhone 5 that for the same period last year amounted to 5 million.

The information came from a traditional press release that the Cupertino giant is published after the first weekend of the emergence of a new model of iPhone. A similar message was released early last week - after a weekend during which consumers can order the first model of "C" - series.

In the press release from Apple boasted that for nearly 200 million devices have already passed under the new version of the mobile operating system iOS 7.

This is the fastest software upgrade in history, according to the giant.

Although this data is difficult to be analyzed in an appropriate context without reference to data on competitors, it is clear that despite the criticism and distrust famous new models of the iPhone marked a strong start, comment from Engadget.

For the moment, both of which are available for sale only in the U.S., Australia , Canada, China , France, Germany , Hong Kong, Japan , Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK. However, their high demand has led to depletion of finished quantities so that some users will have to wait a few weeks before you get your new iPhone, explained by Apple.


26.09.2013, Interesting