Architect Torniov: Sofia looks like an architectural zoo

Sofia already looked like an architectural zoo. Speaking of protected areas which does not seem to be protected. There must be mechanisms that do not allow impersonate the historical appearance of the city. This said architect Petar Torniov. It calls for a total change in the approach to the development of the city.

"This may sound very radical , but we believe that we should revise the master plan because it sets the majority of problems . Need to prepare detailed plans and they are entrusted with the competition", says the architect.

"Sofia has a relatively small center compared to its residents. Satellite areas Mladost , Druzhba and Luylin quickly sprung up in socialism in one fell swoop with totally different structure of the grown historic city.

Deficiencies in infrastructure aspect is largely offset by the central city parts, which leads to overload them. General vision is needed for the integration and Construction of these neighborhoods with private subtsentrove, social environment and infrastructure", says architect Torniov.

He believes that the approach of the municipality is incorrect. "There is no transparency and gives the impression that this is the goal. Quickly to absorb funds and to take account of some business , and in most cases there is no draft mode. Responsibility is almost always fuzzy", he said and stressed: "Notice you almost never anyone responsible - whatever happens in Sofia, nobody knows who the designer is, no one is responsible for the fact that the tiles were broken and that the builder has done half the work".

"The problem is the bad examples are not exceptions, but generally, namely the municipality should set good tone and example", says Peter Torniov.


19.09.2013, City-planning