BG beaches: Tents and caravans instead of all inclusive

Camping holiday is becoming more and more preferred by vacationers. Mid-August is the time when sites for tents and caravans are overcrowded.

Though vacationing on the beach is romantic, it is not cheap. The costs are close to those of the all-inclusive hotels, keen campers acknowledged. A permit to raise a tent is often more expensive than a hotel stay. Yet hardcore campers are ready to follow their passion for any price.

The strong demand raised prices in Albena, where currently pitches for tents and caravans cost from BGN 30 to BGN 50. In the famous camp Zlatnata Ribka in Sozopol tourists flock each day, asking about availability. A caravan place caravan for the first line there currently costs BGN 50 per day and about BGN 35 is charged for the tents. The second line for the tents is BGN 10 cheaper.

The campers of the Gradina camping explain that the fight for the places closest to the sea for the summer already starts in February. The rent is between BGN 2000 and BGN 3000 for the June to September period. During the rest of the year, owners have to pull their caravans out from the beach. The price of the third line is BGN 1000.

Tenting abroad is slightly more expensive than in Bulgaria. In Greece, for example, a place for a tent costs EUR 6 – EUR 9 per night. For that money the tourists receive a manifold, the right to use showers and toilets, which are well maintained. In our southern neighbor, however, it is forbidden to light fires. Fines for violators are EUR 300.


13.08.2013, Interesting