Bulgaria Says Welcome Back to Its Troops in Kabul

Bulgaria's troops, who were guarding the airport in Kabul, will be officially welcomed back home on Monday with a ceremony in the southern town of Haskovo.
The 217-strong unit and medical staff landed back on Bulgarian soil on January 31.
Bulgaria's government adopted in the middle of January a long anticipated decision to terminate partly the Bulgarian military mission in the NATO-led ISAF forces inAfghanistan.
The decision came in accordance with strategy for transformation of Bulgaria's participation in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, which was approved by the government at the end of 2011, following a decision by the USA under President Barack Obama's plan for a major withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2014.
Bulgaria's military presence in Afghanistan initially consisted of 530 rangers, and was later boosted to 600.
By the end of 2014 Bulgaria will continue to maintain its security company guarding the interior zone at the Kandahar Airport as well its teams of advisers to the local security forces.
After 2014, Bulgaria will continue its participation in NATO's mission in Afghanistan only with teams of advisers stationed on the ground with the Afghan security forces and the local authorities.
Text and photo: novinite.com

04.02.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA