Bulgaria is 65th in the world in exports for 2012

Bulgaria is 65th in the world in exports in 2012, which is increasing in the chart with four seats compared to 2011, shows an analysis of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA).

Since our economy is not two or three leading industries in and cannot be expected to Bulgaria to be export leader in all sectors, says the analysis chamber.

Our country is a leader in the export of niche products. BIA should be such and further specialization - product rather than sectoral.

As in previous years, the leading export commodity groups in Bulgaria are fuels and honey, followed by electrical and electronic products and machinery.

Export growth in fuel and honey outpaced growth in world imports. In both groups, however, goods play a major role rising prices.

Exports of electronics in 2008-2012 marks the average annual growth rate of 12%, while world imports increased by 6% over the same period, i.e. our country is gaining market share despite the decline in 2012.

Source: http://bg-daily-news.eu/

29.08.2013, Economy