Bulgaria to sign an agreement with Russia for combined transport

Bulgaria and Russia will sign an agreement in the field of combined transport. This was made clear on Wednesday in Moscow, at a meeting between Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Christian Krastev and Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Viktor Olerski, the Ministry of Transport announced late on Tuesday. No later than two weeks, Bulgaria is expected to send a version of the document, which will be discussed at the next meeting. So far, the two countries have not had such an agreement.

During the meeting, the Bulgarian side asked what the options are, in case of absolute necessity, for Bulgarian airlines to be allowed to charter flights between Bulgaria and Russia. Deputy Minister Krastev suggested that this could happen in case of force majeure situations for the Russian air carrier. So far, Russian legislation does not allow Russian tourists to be transported by foreign charter companies. The proposal will be discussed at the next meeting between both countries' aeronautical authorities.

This decision will be entirely for the benefit of tourists who are hampered by problems of the tour operator or the Russian air carrier, Deputy Minister Krastev explained. Regarding the scheduled air services, an agreement will be signed in the near future, which will allow more than one carrier on an airline. According to him, this will create competitive and flexible conditions in the interest of passengers.

As a result of the measures taken regarding the regulation of the freight road transport sector last year, there were no problems in terms of permits between the two countries, unlike 2011, Deputy Minister Krastev said. According to him, this year, no difficulties are expected either, but, if required, the Bulgarian side may request additional permits.

Regarding the maritime transport sector, the ferry line Varna - Port Kavkaz will continue to be improved.
In terms of railway transport, options were discussed for the minimisation of delays of international passenger trains.


31.01.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA