Bulgaria to sold its stake in two free zones in Burgas and Varna

Agency for Privatization will offer shares of 17 companies for the sale of the 31st centralized public auction that will be held on "BSE-Sofia". Under the tender packages are sold by companies such as "VMT orbit "AD (98.629%)," Free trade Zone - Burgas "(19.448%)," Transit trade Zone"- Bulgaria (46%), Private joint Stock Company "Zograph" AD (7.584%)", Rendering - Plovdiv "AD (2.478%)", Heavy-Kim"AD (2.548%) and others.
The most expensive are the shares of the "Transit Trade Zone" - Bulgaria - lev at 591.31 per share and the "Free Zone - Burgas" AD, which is requested in levs 199.77 per share.
The starting date of the offering of packages of shares of centralized public auction will become clear after the publication of the tender notice in the "Official Gazette". Companies will be sold in segment "Centralised Public Auction" to "Privatisation Market" of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in Sofia.


Source: http://bg-daily-news.eu

01.10.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA