Bulgarian luxury palaces are 25 times cheaper than the English

People who wish to demonstrate high status are significantly more likely to spread in a home as a palace in Bulgaria than anywhere else in the world. Among the disadvantages of being a holder of a luxury property in this country is that you won't be a neighbor to Queen Elizabeth or with a celebrity. Positive, the buy class housing in the country is the price. Luxury properties in Bulgaria are 25 times cheaper than in London.

Pleased to hear the sound of "Big Ben" and watch the waters of the Thames from your own home can cost in dollars of 53,890 square meters in Sofia buy posh house cost about 2650 dollars per square. In Dallas, this value is 6450 dollars per square meter.

According to statistics of the International Group for the sale of luxury properties Christie's, represented in Bulgaria by the local partner Unique, this type of housing in the country accounted for 10% of the total market.
Luxury properties in Sofia are considered houses worth over € 700,000. With a price tag of over 1 million is 0.5 percent, or about 3,000 residential properties in the capital.

The most expensive architectural jewels in the country worth $ 10 million. According to the report class housing in the country rarely exceed this amount. The number of such properties is less than 10.

The cost of home luxury homes is almost incommensurable with those of world capitals. Last year in New York was sold a property for $ 88 million.

Famous Bulgarians for years are interested in purchasing a home abroad, commented from the company. A dozen of our countrymen have really luxury property in London, few of them with houses the Cote d'Azur. A large number of Bulgarians have apartments in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Source: http://bg-daily-news.eu

15.08.2013, Real Estates