Dian Chervenkondev: Restarting the Belene NPP project will lead to a disaster for the economy

Everyone should make their choice at the upcoming referendum on the Belene NPP - either to believe that the plant is worth €4 bn, or believe the interim report of the Interim Committee for the review of the Belene NPP project and assessments of leading international energy experts and companies that say that the plant will cost more than €10 bn.

Every Bulgarian citizen should care about the cost of the Belene NPP. The Committee's interim report revealed the truth about the Belene NPP. Documents show that it will not cost €4 bn, but more than €10 bn.

A big loan will be needed, in order for such an expensive plant to be constructed. A substantial interest will have to be paid on this loan, which will be detrimental to the Bulgarian budget and economy. The more expensive the plant, the more expensive the energy that we will all pay one day.

Therefore, I think that, in the next two weeks, the awareness campaign should proceed vigorously and let people know the truth about the Belene NPP project - the real price and predictions.

If the Belene NPP project is restarted, this will mean a disaster for the Bulgarian economy. An uninformed choice will take us there. BSP backs the opposite thesis only with political discourse. GERB proves their arguments with facts and circumstances.

Source: www.klassa.bg

17.01.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA