Google Map Maker Now Available in Bulgaria

Google has opened up its Map Maker service to users in Bulgaria, allowing them to update maps for their local area with new landmarks, roads, building outlines and more.

The service has now also become available in Italy, San Marino and the Vatican.

"Today, we’re launching Google Map Maker in Bulgaria, Italy, San Marino and the Vatican.

Share the delights of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast by adding all of your favorite destinations in the famed resort city of Golden Sands.

Lend a hand by improving driving directions through the Italian Riviera, or trace the best hiking trails across San Marino’s Apennine Mountains," a Google Maps blog post said Tuesday.

Map Maker is a browser-based service that allows users to create and suggest changes for Google Maps and Google Earth, letting Google keep up-to-date with the changing landscape and ensuring its mapping services are as current as possible.


22.08.2013, Interesting