Ireland to support Bulgaria’s Schengen accession

Ireland is ready to support Bulgaria’s Schengen accession, its Ambassador to Sofia His Excellency John Rowan told a Radio Bulgaria reporter. The state was granted a mandate to raise the issue before the Justice and Home Affairs Council of the EU in March 2013, the ambassador went on to say. It is part of Ireland’s priorities during its EU presidency over the next 6 months.
Those were presented by Ambassador Rowan at a public debate in Sofia, subjected the EU during the Irish Presidency and Where Bulgaria Is.
Minister in Charge of EU Funds Management Tomislav Donchev also took part in the forum. Both politicians are optimistic about the future of Europe.

Economic growth and opening of new jobs, along with fiscal and economic stability – those are the priorities of the Irish presidency. The creation of a bank union and a system for early warning on financial and economic troubles, as well as overcoming of unemployment among young people – those are also key tasks for the new presidency. Scientific and research activities, innovations, expanding of digital economy are also among the goals of priority. As far as foreign policy is concerned, Ireland will continue with the policy for expansion of the EU. The state is convinced that Croatia will join the EU on 1 July 2013 and also that the EU membership negotiations with Balkan countries, such as Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania will continue, Ambassador Rowen pointed out.

One of the most important for this country among the Irish presidency priorities is the issue on its accession to Schengen. Will Bulgaria be able to rely on the support of Ireland, as it did in 2004, during its previous presidency, when we managed to make an important step towards our EU accession? His Excellency Ambassador John Rowen commented for Radio Bulgaria.

Besides the gradual Schengen accession, the expectation that Ireland will finally lead us along the path of economic growth is essential for Bulgaria. The adoption of the EU multiannual financial framework is also due in February, Minister Donchev says. He is convinced that not the volume of EU funding, but its effect is more important for the development of our regions.

“The second major challenge is the old argument on the growth to be solved: should it be sustainable, green, blue, smart or, as some people think – high above all. In my opinion it should be smart, sustainable, green, digital and high at the same time,” the minister said in conclusion.


22.01.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA