MIRELA Real Estate welcomes you to the pages of www.mirela.bg - the best real estate corporate site in Bulgaria!

The web site mirela.bg started in April 2001 as a corporate site of MIRELA Real Estate - a leader in the Internet marketing of real estates in Bulgaria.

MIRELA is the first real estate company in Bulgaria that published its database online and made it accessible to all its clients, colleagues and partners, offering its updated and verified ads with detailed descriptions and photos.

Mirela.bg is intended as a corporate site with the characteristics of a portal, i.e. in this site you can find not only the most exhaustive, verified and, most importantly, up-to-date information about all real estate properties offered by MIRELA, but also a lot of useful information that we are sure will come in handy if you have decided to make a real estate deal in Bulgaria or get a reliable advice on the processes in this so dynamically developing sector of Bulgarian economy.
In addition to the description of the property itself, every ad will offer you information about the town or village, the quarter/district, the features of the area, availability of municipality offices, tax authority offices, police departments, schools, kindergartens, etc., so that you get well familiar with the surroundings of your new home.
Mirela.bg, like the other sites, built and maintained by MIRELA, is entirely dynamical - the information that we receive from our brokers, consultants, clients and partners is processed and published online in real time in MIRELA's specialized offices.
Behind the information content, the appearance and the concept of mirela.bg stands the team of developers, designers and administrators of MIRELA's IT & Logistics Office.
A major place in the site is reserved for the search engine allowing browsing of our real estate database. MIRELA's goal was to enable you to find the information that you look for in various ways chosen at your discretion.

The first way is to open the Search form from the SEARCH button in the red bar on top of the page; to select a maximum number of different criteria and thus receive a narrow range of real estate proposals, one of them being the property that you are looking for.

The second way is to select a group of properties from the uppermost menu on the left /PROPERTY IN BULGARIA, right under the company logo/. This menu includes groups of properties selected by a set of pre-determined criteria that we considered appropriate as a result of our analysis of clients' searches in the site. Thus if you are looking for properties for sale in Sofia, for instance, you will click on the group called FOR SALE IN SOFIA, and if you are looking for properties for rent in Sofia, you have to choose the group called FOR RENT IN SOFIA; and if you are looking for properties for sale or for rent within a fixed price range - there are groups with price ranges you can use.

The third way is to choose a type of property from the QUICK SEARCH menu /the second menu on the left/. Here you can use a different, much quicker than in other sites, way to search. Choose a specific type of property or group pf properties according to your preferences (for instance, only studios, only 2-bedroom apartments, or a whole group APARTMENTS, LAND, HOUSES & COTTAGES). The results will contain all proposals only of the selected property type or group listed in our database.
The forth way is to search for a property in the HIGHLIGHTS menu /bottom left, under the QUICK SEARCH menu/. The properties here are grouped in a different way - the types of properties (apartments, houses, plots, etc.) are arranged according to category (LUXURY APARTMENTS IN BULGARIA, NO COMMISSION PROPERTIES, LUXURIOUS HOUSES) or according to location (APARTMENTS IN SKI RESORTS, PROPERTIES IN VILLAGES NEAR THE SEA, HOUSES IN RURAL COUNTRYSIDE).
Using any of the ways described above you will get a list of property ads, arranged by publishing date, i.e. the newest properties appearing on top. If you wish, you can always sort the properties in the list by price by choosing "the cheapest offers" from the Sort by drop-down menu or by any other criteria. Use the other filters located above the list of properties - they will give you the opportunity to order the results according to your preferences and requirements so that you ultimately find the right property for you. The list shows you the basic features of the property and a brief description. By clicking on a chosen property ad, you will open a page with the detailed description of the property.

The detailed property view allows you to:

  • See the entire information available of a property

  • Learn more about the town or village, the quarter/district/region where the property is located /just click on the name/
  • Use the Possibilities or Quick Links columns
  • Send the offer to a friend
  • View a list of similar properties



Mirela.bg generates statistics of current prices of real estates in Bulgaria. The information management system used by MIRELA gives you the opportunity to see the average prices of real estates calculated on the basis of actually realized deals by MIRELA Real Estate and the partner agencies from the beginning of 2002 to the present moment. The system generates a comparative market analysis on a monthly basis.

MIRELA grants a discount to clients who post a purchase inquiry/sale offer for a property in Sofia in the mirela.bg site. Clients get 10% off the commission fee in the case of a realized deal.

MIRELA's managers recommend properties personally. Every week, we present on the pages of mirela.bg a list of properties for sale that our managers consider worth buying, i.e. properties with excellent features and price.

MIRELA sells without commission for the buyer. As a result of our cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign banks, property developers and investors, we offer you consultation on new construction projects, agency when buying new properties from developers and assistance with getting bank loans, without charging you with the standard commission fee for our services. You can choose from over 100 projects in our Off plan properties section.

MIRELA's clients can get a reward. We offer you to be our partners! We are sure that as our clients you will be satisfied with our services and that is why we are grateful when you recommend MIRELA to your friends and relatives. For every deal we conclude with clients sent by you, you will receive as a reward of up to 10% of the value of the services offered to them.

Our clients receive gifts at every deal. According to our new Special Client service, at every deal our clients receive gifts from our catalogue, including stationery, TV, Audio, Video, and other electric appliances, and many more. 



We know that the most important thing for our clients is to make the right deal at the most profitable terms. We also know that in our ambition to succeed we all sometimes forget about the smile, the friendly gesture, fail to notice the good intentions. That is why we decided to give you not only the expected service but also a purely human attitude, to be not only your consultants but also people you will remember after the successful deal.

With the Special Client service you can smile because right on the doorstep of our offices you will feel the kind treatment of all our employees.

The Special Client service includes:

  • Quality intermediation services from a real estate agent with 15 years on the market
  • 10% discount off the value of all services in all MIRELA’s offices for a period of 5 years
  •  A gift from our catalogue at every real estate deal
  • Reward from MIRELA if you recommend the agency to your relatives, friends and colleagues

For more information about the Special Client service click here.

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13.11.2006, News from MIRELA Real Estate Agency