Mirela opened the first franchise office in the town of Sandanski

At 23 of January 2008 in the sunny town of Sandanski was opened the first franchise office of Mirela Real Estate Agency
HAPPY HOUSE Ltd is the company - partner for Sandanski region. For the success of the new commercial office in the presence of local business representatives, Mirela's representatives and many guests was performed an inauguration ceremony. Set in the very center of the town and executed in the traditional for Mirela corporative appearance, the office in Sandanski town demonstrates a modern vision together with the ambition to offer high level of professional service for current and future real estate owners in the town of Sandanski. In the occasion of new office opening the Managing Director of Mirela LTD- Mr. Miroslav Hristov announced: "Because we can offer a brand new quality service and attitude towards the client I am sure that Mirela's office in the town of Sandanski will fast take a leading position on the local real estate market. Our partners in Sandanski have the potential and with the opportunities of the provided by Mirela know-how will successfully put in practice that potential. The franchise is a well-tried expedient for developing. As creating independent at the same time equal partners at the territory of whole country we aim to cover the specific of each local real estate market and to offer quality service to our clients."
"For us stands and supports us the trademark of a company with 16 years background on the filed of real estate market in Bulgaria, that's why I am certain of our success. During the past two years the property market in the town of Sandanski is rising. The unique climate, the mineral springs, the key location and the beautiful nature make the town very attractive for foreign and Bulgarian investors. The opportunities for SPA and holiday tourism arouse interest for properties among the clients from former Soviet Union" - announced Missis Vera Filcheva - manager of office Sandanski and owner of  HAPPY HOUSE Ltd
The commercial office in Sandanski will provide all services of Mirela concerning property's transactions including, project consulting, property management, mortgage loans and others.
The crew of HAPPY HOUSE LTD will have full access to Plan. Bg- Mirela's corporate information system for management, by which are updated more than  19 000 property offers in the whole country. By this means to the clients in the office in Sandanski will be provided the whole information for properties offered by Mirela - investment projects, off-plan buildings and finished apartments in Sofia, wide choice of apartments and business and holiday properties in Bulgarian ski, sea and SPA  resorts. As in other offices of Mirela, all visitors can take advantage of the Special Client Service, a trademark that is an expression of highly professional and dedicated attitude.
During the past years the trademark MIRELA score a leading position on the most competitive real estate market - that one in the capital city Sofia. The successful organization of activities concerning property consulting and intermediation, the wining method of working with clients, the strong advertising together with the leading position at offering properties on the Internet are the main factors that set the pattern for the steady expansion of Mirela Real Estate Agency and the marked interest to Mirela’s franchise proposal and conditions.


Mirela Real Estate Agency

24.01.2008, News from MIRELA Real Estate Agency