New fund to save the energy sector in Bulgaria

New fund will accumulate funds from various manufacturing companies in the energy, and money raised will be used to fill the holes in the system. It was clear from the words of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy Ramadan Atalay says "Standard". "The idea is not yet clear, but the goal is for all producers of electricity to contribute to the fund such means as shortage of funds created in the system," he explained. According to experts, these are the money to compensate for the lack of high feed prices for solar electricity.
Different sizes in the fund will be bringing photovoltaic plants, wind parks, private and public TPPs even possibly NPP "Kozloduy ". For example, for thermal power plants will be an amount which will be determined by how depending on the pollution on the environment which they caused with their production, said Atalay. He commented that this is unlikely to appeal to the plants , and the banks, but photovoltaic, American TPPs in " Maritsa Iztok " and all you need to understand that you have to make certain concessions from its revenues in order to stabilize the system.
Furthermore inception upcoming changes to the Energy Act will uncork and cash flows in the sector. Currently there is a large accumulated debt of the chain from mines to power plants in NEC and vice versa.


24.10.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA