Second property bought for BGN 1.8 million in Bulgaria by Russians

The Second property was bought for BGN 1.8 million in Bulgaria by Russians this year. Just as the first real estate, this second house is also located around the Black Sea city of Varna.

The property is not beachfront, but it is near the sea. It has its own garden and there are almost no other buildings in its surroundings, Standart learnt.

The house has all the amenities, including a jacuzzi, a mini fitness and large outdoor pool.

The sellers managed to connect directly with the buyers, thus they avoided the real estate agency commission, sources told Standart.

The first property sold for BGN 1.8 million is also located in the southern Black Sea coast near Sozopol. It was also purchased by Russians. These are the two most expensive homes sold for the year, real estate brokers inform.

According to the specialists, interest in luxury homes is intensifying. More and more people prefer to buy a more expensive fully furnished home, which they can directly occupy without having to repair it.

Russian-speaking customers have turned their attention mainly to luxury properties on the southern coast. The northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is not as attractive to them anymore. The boom in purchases around Varna was about two years ago, brokers comment.

Currently customers around Varna are mainly Bulgarians, brokers add.


20.08.2013, The real estate market at present