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The new most-talked about, all year-round tourist destination - the town of Razlog and the town of Bansko.


The municipality of Bansko and the municipality of Razlog are located between three mountains Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes mountains. The unique location determines the variety of opportunities for tourism. During the past years Bansko is the fast developing Bulgarian winter resort. The town's history dates back in ancient times. According to the many legends and local tales, some of which claim historic truthfulness, the founding of Bansko can be traced back to the period of Ottoman invasion (15th-16th century). The closeness of the proud Pirin mountain range brings a spirit of freedom-loving and broadness of views, it makes people strong and independent. During the bleak years of Ottoman rule, Bansko became a stronghold of Bulgarian spirit. The settlement enjoyed a status of limited autonomy within the Ottoman Empire. Banskalii's spirit of entrepreneurship and their strife for innovation were the foundation for the unbelievable economic and spiritual upsurge in the town around the end of the 17th and beginning of 18th centuries.

The town has the status of an "unique" town with an international significance in the tourism industry" (since 1979). In Bansko there are around 150 monuments. The specific renaissance atmosphere, the rich historical and cultural heritage, the preserved folklore and crafts, the original cuisine, the countless cozy and neat private hotels and mekhanas in their traditional style - all that combined with the marvelous natural beauty of the Pirin and the warm mineral waters in the nearby Dobrinishte village make Bansko quite a unique tourist centre the visitors of which grow ever so much. The underlying purpose is to develop the winter, cultural, spa and rural tourism. The municipality wins recognition as leading international tourist and sport center.   A lot of international ski events take place in the area . The municipality attracts investors with approved area planning, provided communications, water, electricity and sewerage. The other reason for fast developing is the so called " property tourism".

During the last couple of years this resort is under a massive investment process with new hotels and resort facilities being under construction. The expectation  are for even more dynamic market during the next year.  Razlog municipality places on real-estate market a regulated plot of land with area over 6000 decars. Nowadays is under construction is large intercepting sewer. The new sewer covers the whole new area, starts from foothills of Pirin, passes by the new golf course and reaches the town of Razlog. The size of  plots allows construction of large complex with. Currently under construction are more than 120 gated complexes some with over 1000 apartments. The villages around Bansko -  Godlevo, Dolno Draglishte, Gorno Draglishte and Bachevo also attract investors. Most of the projects are for high-quality villas in gated complexes. A project with more than 100 apartments is already constructed in the area of Godlevo.

If the investment intention are fulfilled the town of Bansko is going to turn into a mega –resort with accommodation for more than 100 000 people. The main goal of the municipality is to reveal and preserve the nature,  the historical, cultural heritage , following the example of leading international resorts.



Skiing in Bansko


The town of Bansko is located on 925 m. above sea level, and its skiing area is on 2000-2600 m. The Pirin mountain has a predominantly Alpine character and highest peak in the area is Vihren 2914 m.
The ski pistes are located in two main ski - centres- CHALIN VALOG (1100-1600m) and SHILIGARNIKA (1700-2500m). They are approximately 10 kilometers above the town on the northern slopes of Pirin, and are easily accessible for approx. 25 minutes on the new Gondola lift which starts from Bansko. The total length of the marked pistes is 65 kilometers.
Although the resort is world famous for not more than 10 years it has a lot to offer to its guests. The resort has excellent snow conditions with great snow cover from December untill May.
44 Technoalpine snow cannons cover most of the slopes and make the ski season last longer. The maximum pleasure from the various ski pistes is guaranteed by 12 Kassbohrer slope maintenance vehicles. Thus the slopes offer runs and tracks for all types of skiers and will suit both beginners and experts. Read more about the development of Bansko's ski center here.
The snowboard lovers can enjoy the first on the Balkans fun park where people from all over the world are lead by the passion of the extreme. They can build jumps suiting their taste and abilities.
Every day skiers and snowboarders can take part in the competitions on the new piste on Shiligarnika.
The lifts and pistes operator in Bansko takes care for the maximum comfort of the skier and snowboarders with the exclusive 8-seats Gondola cable car by Dopplemayer, five 4- seat lifts of the latest Doppelmayer models, one 3-seat lift by Poma, 7 drags and 10 baby drags. The total length of the wire equipment in the resort is 26 kilometers. All ski equipment can be used by one chip-card from SkiData.
Huge monitors showing pictures from the different pistes is based on the starting station of the Gondola. Thus people will have more information of the wind and temperature conditions before climbing up on the slope. Slalom and Giant slalom runs are available. Bansko offers a cross-country track with a total length of 5 km. A 3 km ski run Rollbahn track is situated 2 km far from the town. More about the ski runs and lifts in Bansko!


Dobrinishte is also a great place to visit :


Dobrinishte village is located 6 km south of the popular ski resort Bansko and is one of the largest villages in the country . It has a lot to offer as a tourist destination because of the unique combination of skiing, spa and rural attractions at one place.
After the building of the lift that connects the village with Bezbog chalet it becomes the second important ski center in Pirin. Dobrinishte offers good conditions for advanced as well as for beginner skiers. The total length of the ski pistes in the region is 7 kilometers.
Dobrinishte is the spa resort in Pirin with 17 mineral springs with temperature of the water between 30 and 43 C. Many of them are popular for their curative effect. The water is known to cure almost every disease - diseases of the nervous system, the skin, the joints, the kidneys, the liver, the gall, etc.   

In the summer the village offers excellent condition for mountain tourism – hiking and rock climbing. The nature lovers can enjoy the fabulous beauty of Pirin mountain as well as its rich diversity of flora and fauna. An attraction not to miss is the edelweiss garden. In Dobrinishte you can see and feel the typical atmosphere of a Bulgarian village with its preserved customs, unique folklore and traditional cuisine. 
A unique attraction is the Edelweiss garden, which is the only one in Bulgaria. For the cultural and historical lovers interest will provoke the churches "St. Peter and St. Paul" and "Assumption of Most Holy Mary". In the surroundings of the village is located the monastery "St. Pantaleimon", the place called St. Nicola with a water fall of the same name.


Kulinoto the new resort that is developing between the town of Bansko and Razlog.


Kulinoto is a site in the northern part of Pirin Mountain, at the valley of "Kulina" river (affluent to Elovica River). It is 1400 meters above the sea level. The resort is huddled in venerable beech forest. Kulinoto is 12 kilometers away from Razlog and just 2 from Predela site.It is locally popular as a place for rest and recreation for the people of Razlog and neighbouring villages. One ski run was made there with the voluntary labour of the local people somewhere in the 1980's. There are two "Pomagalski" type of drag lifts serving the run. There are also a couple of small restaurants. Two grooming machines are maintaining the snow. The place is some 1220 meters above sea level. The highest point of the run is approx. on 1600 meters altitude. Because the place is not very high the snow usually lasts until mid March.
Balkanstroy, one of the most powerful companies in the region have recently signed an agreement with the local municipality of Razlog and have received license to develop Kulinoto into a ski resort. The initial plans will extend the existing ski run, make it longer. Also, there are plans for installing a chair lift. The most ambitious plans are to make new pistes which are starting from the nearby Dautev peak and connecting them with the current ski piste, which is some 900 meters long. There is a very suitable area under Dautev peak, on the southern slope of the mountain where it is possible to make more ski runs. A seat-lift and snow cannons are also included in the plans for development. There will be intermediate pistes with average inclination of 25% and a piste for advanced with 33% inclination.
Razlog municipal also plans to realize the project "Old roman road Predel- Bansko", for reconstruction of the existing road in the region, which will be panoramic and will host a bicycle alley and cultural attractions.



Bulgaria is experiencing a boom in golf course development as  investors  are trying to develop a place of preference for the wealthy Europeans to spend their holiday. Currently in the region of Razlog and Bansko at the moment are 8 /eight/ projects of golf courses. But at least  two more are under consideration. The municipalities that usually own the consolidated land do not stop getting inquiries, in Razlog only there have been registered  proposals from developers, three of them are already launched projects.
 When realized the region of Razlog will be transformed into one of the possible golf destinations in Bulgaria. There, Bulgarian developers and big western investors that enrolled names in golf and course design like Garry Player or Ian Woosnam are already advancing rapidly. The Bulgarian Golf Association and manager of Barrage Complect in partnership with the local construction company Balkanstroy is developing the first golf course in Razlog designed by IMG European Golf Design with the signatures of Ian Woosnam- "Pirin Golf Holidays Club". In project is the second golf course - "Pirin Golf  and  Country Club". Golf  in the region of Razlog is one more opportunity for the developers to build and to sell top quality real estate, which is not directly linked to the beach or the ski runs. When there is a combination of the two types they can close the cycle of tourist services. In the next years Golf will be promoted in places like Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the Russian market. There may be demand from the foreign community in Bulgaria as well. The future golf-courses are planned to be constructed over a plateau on altitude of 900- 950. The plateau  is set between three mountains, and benefits from spectacular panoramic views.
The distance between the villages where are planned the golf courses is as follows : town of Bansko - village of Dolno  Draglishte - 10 km; village of Dolno Draglishte - village of Gorno Draglishte - 2 km; village of Gorno Draglishte village of Dobarsko - 5 km; village of Dobarsko - village of Godlevo - 3 km. The four golf courses are connected , as the first one " Razlog Golf Club" starts in the village of Dolno Draglishte, the second " Razlog Valley Golf and Spa" starts in the village of Gorno Draglishte , the other two " Rila Golf and Spa resort ", and " White Mountain Golf Club" continue to the villages of Dobarsko and Godlevo.
The approximate area of the golf courses is approximately 6300 decares .
At the current moment the town of Bansko remains with only one golf project , developed by " Golf Plus" company and our first astronaut - Georgi Ivanov.


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25.10.2007, News from MIRELA Real Estate Agency