Visa facilitation for foreigners when buying properties in Bulgaria

The government is working on measures to ease visa regime for foreigners who buy homes here.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Daniela Bobeva during the forum "Construction in 2014 - Prospects and Challenges", held in Sofia.

This will encourage the purchase of homes by foreigners, which will have a direct effect on the growth in construction, said Bobeva.

She recalled the measures to reduce the administrative burden on the government to work as part of them, as well as changes in the Public Procurement Act, aimed at the construction industry.

The Government is committed to the business and to support participation in auctions abroad, said Bobeva and specified that already discussions with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries.

In the words of the Deputy State obligations to the construction industry is one of the reason for the severe crisis that plunged the sector. The government has begun to be awarded the business as part of the payments are directed to the construction sector.

A bigger problem for companies in the industry remain debt of municipalities. According to the Ministry of Finance by the end of June the obligations of municipalities to business are 160 million levs, with over 80% of them have debts to construction companies, said the chairman of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria Svetoslav Glosov.

On the issue of payment of municipalities, especially with regard to projects funded by operational programs Daniela Bobeva announced that he is looking for ways to mitigate by supporting FLAG Fund for this purpose is expected the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to allocate more 35 million resource fund.

In this way, municipalities will have enough money to be settled with the companies. Bobeva expressed hope that with this financial support of the Fund will ease the problem of indebtedness of municipalities to construction companies.


26.09.2013, Economy