Young employees to get bonus accommodation from EU money

With money from the EU, Bulgarian employers will be able to provide dormitories and hostels for young workers, according to the plans of the social ministry. The draft should be ready by the end of September and is expected to be protected in Brussels by the end of 2013, Deputy Minister of Labour Iveta Iankova told Standart.

The EU has released EUR 100 million to tackle Bulgarian youth unemployment, which must be used in 2014 and 2015.

In the case of families, help will be provided to find a job for the spouse as well, for those who are employed outside their place of birth. The measure will apply to the more sparsely populated areas with aging population, where employers could otherwise hardly attract people under 24 years.

Youth organizations have offered to help in accommodating the kids of those families in nurseries or in the transport costs from the hometown of the commuters to their workplace.

These are just some of the planned measures to reduce youth unemployment, which are currently being discussed in the social ministry. A working group with representatives from various organizations gave nearly 140 suggestions on how to increase employment among people under 24 years of age.

Part of the money will go to the internship programs under the guidance of a mentor for specific jobs. Another part will be used to support young people to start their own business. Means shall be provided for flexible training for acquiring new knowledge and for the upgrading of the already acquired qualifications.

The approved funds from Brussels will be also funding the introduction of the so called dual system of education in secondary and higher education, meaning that students will spend at least two days a week in a real working environment.

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20.08.2013, ABOUT BULGARIA