Confidential offers for real estates

Dear clients, Mirela LTD comprises offers for sale and rental of real estates, which because of explicit request of our customers are not publicly announced at our web sites on the Internet.

Each our client has the right to request confidential offering of property that he owns and we always take into consideration that his desire.
Most often the reasons for this requirement are related to personal causes, the appropriate situation or business interests.

Provided that you want a confidential offering of your property, it will be included in our database with status "Confidential." This means that your name as the owner of the property, your contact details, and the exact address of the property are accessible only to your trusted agent and the manager of the team.
The parameters (description) of the submitted confidential offer will be available to all our brokers and partners who can offer your property to their customers.
The property will not be advertised, announced or publicly posted on the Internet or in print medias.

If you want to take advantage of the possibilities of confidential offering of your property, you may submit an ad, as explicitly specify this requirement. Our managers will contact you for clarification of details.

You can submit HERE a confidential offer for real estate.

If you are a potential buyer or tenant of real estate and you want to receive confidential information about our proposals,

Send us HERE your requirements for the property you are looking for, or visit one of our offices.
All our brokers have information about confidential proposals.

When you choose Mirela, it is important to know that ....

As a result of our long experience on the real estate market in Bulgaria (Mirela was established in 1991), we have numerous clients and daily updated database containing over 30 000 proposals for searching and proposing of properties from all segments of the market.

Every day our more than 20 specialized sites for real estates are visited by over 10 000 potential customers (you can see here the statistics of visits to our official site

Every day our agents make hundreds of viewings, conversations and contacts with our customers and handle a large number of offers for sale and rent throughout the country and numerous searches of properties from Bulgarian and foreign clients.

The good reputation of the brand Mirela, the professionalism of our agents and high efficiency in our work, make Mirela one of the-most preferred companies in the implementation of mediation in real estate transactions.

Choose an agent according the competence

24.02.2010, Mirela's services