The Rock window

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The Rock window is a natural phenomenon located near the village of Kostino, 16 km norht-west of the town of Kardzhali.

It occupies area of 2 ha in the area of the wide Kostinski dol, in the close proximity of the villages of Krushka and Golyama bara.

The rock window represents a unique natural phenomenon with the shape of a hanging bridge, supported by two columns with cut from all the sides canvas . The canvas is white, made by white limestone and it rises above the columns of the bridge.

The formation of this natural phenomenon had started around the same time when the phenomenons the Stone wedding /about 19 km south-east of the Rock window/ and the Stone mushrooms /27 km north-east/, in Kardzhali region as well, had formed. The beginning of the process dates back 50 million years ago when this area had been shaken by continuous volcano activity. As a result of the constant movement of the ground layers, certain parts of the ground crust had risen vertically, above the sea level. This is when the formation of the incredible forms under the influence of rain, running water, summer heat and winter cold had begun.

In the beginning there were three columns. However, natural forces divided the canvas between the second and the third column which today looks like a large stone mushroom whose top has become a part of the canvas of the bridge.

The height of the rock bridge is about 10 m, the length - 15 m and the width - 7 m. The three columns that compose it are equally high, build up by massive green volcanic tuffs without layering.

The site was declared a protected natural landmark in 1970 in order to protect its natural form which reminds of a Rock window.


The site is extremely beautiful and attractive for tourists. It is suitable for route tourism with a guide since there is a marked trail but it is very difficult to follow it without someone who knows the area. The trail leading to the Rock window starts from one of the bends of the road near Kardzhali dam which is easily acceccible by a car. The ground up, however, is rough. Therefore it must be visited in the proper time of the year since during the rainy season the water is lush and difficult to overcome. One can reach the natural phenomenon using the main road Haskovo - Kardzhali by deviating at the traffic police checkpoint at the right near the village of Skalna glava. Hiking trail starts from the hut Borovitsa /12 km/.


There are several hotels, villas and guest houses, holiday homes and restaurants located in the villages at the bank of the Kardzhali dam and in the town of Kardzhali.

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