Bulgarian sights

Architectural, natural and historical sights in Bulgaria. Very interesting and useful information with a lot of photos.

"Boris Georgiev" Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of the city of Varna was established in 1944.

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"Duhlata" cave

Duhlata cave is the longest cave in Bulgaria and is situated in the southeast part of Vitosha mountain, Sofia region

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"St. Konstantin and Elena" monastery near Ladzha quarter, Ivaylovgrad

The monastery of Lazdha or Ivaylovrad monastery "St. Konstantin and Elena" is situated close to Ladzha quarter in the town of Ivaylovgrad

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"St. Marina" Monastery near Karan Varbovka

Medieval monastery located ina picturesque area 55 km from the town of Ruse

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"St. Nicholas the Miracle Maker" Church

The construction of the church started in 1859 and was completed 11 years later.

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"St. Theodor Tyron and Theodor Stratilat" church

A unique monument of culture with extremely precious frescoes and icons included in UNESCO's list with the World Cultural Heritage, village of Dobarsko, Blagoevgrad Region

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"Stoyan Bachvarov" Theater of Drama - city of Varna

The building of the Varna theater of Drama was built by the project of architect Nikola Lazarov

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"The Womb" cave

A unique Thracian temple near the village of Nenkovo, Kardzhali Region

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Agushevi Konatsi

Agushevi Konatsi are unique feudal-aristocratic architectural ensemble

Aladzha monastery

Aladzha monastery is one of the most popular rock monasteries on the Black Sea Coast, part of the Golden Sands National Park.

Albotin rock monastery

Albotin monastery is an inactive Medieval rock monastery included in Vidin diocese.

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Alexandrovo Tomb

Alexandrovo Tomb is a unique Thracian tomb dating from the IV century B.C

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Ancient Roman town Nove near Svishtov

Roman legionary camp, located in the border area of the former Roman Empire on the Danube

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Ancient Thracian sanctuary of the Nymphs near the village of Kasnakovo

The most preserved Thracian sanctuary in Bulgaria located in a picturesque area near the village of Kasnakovo, Haskovo Region

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Antique Forum "Augusta Trayana" city of Stara Zagora

The oldest one in our lands Ancient Forum "Augusta Trayana," have preserved the imposing buildings from Roman times.

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Antique town Ulpia Oeskus - village of Gigen

The impressive ruins of the Roman and Byzantine town Ulpia Oeskus are located in the North-western part of village of Gigen, Pleven region.

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Architectural reserve - Arbanassy

Arbanassy is a small picturesque village – architectural reserve. The village was a flourishing trade and cultural center in the 16c.

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Asen's Fortress

Asen's Fortress is situated 2 km away from Asenovgrad on a steep, rocky hillside, towering above the left bank of the Asenitsa River. In the past the fortress was known as Petrich, Stenimahos and Scribencion.

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Baba Vida

Baba Vida is the only authentic and fully preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria with a past as both a military fortress and a rulers' residence.

Bachkovo Monastery

The second largest Bulgarian monastery, the Bachkovo cloister, lies in the valley of the Chepelare river (also known by the locals as Chaya), about 10km to the south of the town of Assenovgrad.

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