Conditions under which you can submit ads on

Actuality: 25.06.2018 г.

1. Each User has the opportunity to submit free ads for searching and offering real estate on the Site, according to the conditions specified here.

2. Users can choose whether to submit an Ad to Mirela or to publish a Private Ad.

3. Each User, individualized by name and / or IP address, and / or telephone and / or e-mail, has the right to submit a maximum of three private ads without registration on the site.

4. After submitting a Private Ad, the User receives, by e-mail specified by him, a unique code with which he can edit and delete a published advertisement.

5. The user, who has submitted a Private Advertisement, also gives his consent for the content of the ad to be advertised by Mirela and to be provided to third parties, real estate agents, real estate brokers or end clients, in order to realize the desired real estate transaction with the publisher of the private ad. Mirela does not provide third parties with personal data of users, but only with the content of the ad itself, incl. submitted photo material.

6. The User, who has submitted an Ad to Mirela, is considered informed and agrees that by pressing the "Send" button and confirming the received email, he makes an electronic statement committing Mirela to enter into a contract under which Mirela, as real estate broker, is entitled to remuneration for a real estate transaction.

7. Despite the mandatory verification of the published information, Mirela cannot be protected from incorrect or malicious actions by the Users. In this sense, responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy of the content and qualities of the submitted information, including copyrights on photos and other elements of the content, bears the user/publisher of the advertisement, identified by name and/or contact phone, email, IP address.

8. Mirela has the right not to publish or to remove at any time an advertisement already published and when:
a/ consider that the content of the advertisement (including text and/or photos) is misleading for the user or does not correspond to the actually offered property, or has no aesthetic value;
b/ the advertisement contains advertising of goods and services or links to external websites, or obscene texts, insults and qualifications;
c/ the submitted photo material is of poor quality (small photo size, unclear focus, etc.);
d/ the text of the ad or the name of the sender are in Latin;
e/ the user publishes a private advertisement in his capacity as an agent or real estate broker or for other commercial purposes, without registration on the site;
f/ the user submits a duplicate ad (ad/offer that has already been published);
g/ the advertisement contains a telephone number with added value, without this being specifically and clearly indicated.
h/ Mirela has the right to block the access to submission or publication of advertisements of users who do not comply with the above requirements.

9. The administrators of MIRELA have the right to edit the content of the submitted announcements in view of correct spelling and stylistic endurance.

10. Mirela is not liable to users and third parties for damages and lost profits caused by non-publication or removal of ads, or blocking of users and user accounts.

11. Mirela is not responsible for the publication of advertisements that violate the Law or legal interests of third parties, incl. copyright or other intellectual property rights.

12. By submitting the ad, the user agrees with the Terms of Use of the site and the Privacy Policy.

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