Confidential mediation in sales of properties - ownership of foreign citizens

As systematizing our long experience, we the team of Mirela Real Estate, created a lightweight procedure that enables our customers to quickly realize the sale of their property without having to reside longer in the country and without losing time in obtaining documents from the state administration.
We understand how difficult is to anyone to organize in person a property transaction in a country – where is not familiar in details with the law and regulations.
Our goal is to minimize the efforts of Our customers and to lower to minimum their costs for travel and stay in the country.
The only necessary thing is to visit one of our representative offices in the country, to declare that you wish to sell your property and to take advantage of our services.
The agents of Mirela Real Estate will consult you on the real market price, you can expect from the sale of your property and you will learn about legal procedures relating to the transaction, the transfer of the property ownership, together with the appropriate forms of payment.
Our solicitors will offer you specially designed power of attorney, by which you may authorize a trusted real estate agent to take all necessary factual and legal action – starting by signing a preliminary contract, providing and preparing the set of necessary documentation and finalization of the deal in front of a notary and receiving the agreed sale price of the property.

Your trusted agent will coordinate every action with you and will do nothing without your prior approval and permission!

Taking advantage of our customer service, besides that you limit your expenses to a minimum, it is not necessary to leave your professional duties, or to take several trips to Bulgaria. After signing the power of attorney, the client’s only engagement is to keep in touch with their Trusted agent and to receive the sale price.

Mirela Real Estate Agency undertakes the following engagements:

1. Signing a preliminary contract.
2. Registering the property in the Local Taxes and Fees Departments
3. Applying for the necessary documents and receiving the tax valuation of the property.
4. Applying for and receiving a sketch (if there is onership of land).
5. Applying and receiving the cadastral sketch of the property from the Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre.
6. Applying for and receiving documents for existing or non-existing of prenuptial contract from the Registry Agency.
7. Preparation a certificate for no encumbrances and taking the necessary action with lifting of mortgages, restraints and statements of claims.
8. Applying for and receiving a certificate for the administrative address of the property.
9. Applying for and receiving a certificate for no tax liabilities.
10. Representation upon notary.
11. Organizing of the payment procedure and transfer of the sale price to the client's bank account.

Depending on the necessary work the clients should pay a fee that varies between 350 and 700 EUROS.

05.01.2010, Mirela's services