We value your opinion about our work!

With our "Special client" service You can smile again!

Right from the doorstep of our offices you feel special!

We know that the most important thing for our clients is to make the deal under the most favorable conditions. We also know that all of us in our pursuit of success sometimes forget the smile, the friendly gesture; forget to acknowledge good intentions.
This is why we have decided not only to provide you with the best agency service, but to make you our friends and partners to meet even after successful transactions.

Have a look at the impression of our clients, written in the books of opinions and recommendation:

  •  I'd like to express my thanks to Mirela Agency for helping me settle at the new house with my family in Bulgaria. The realtor Mrs. Sylvia Tsoneva from Sofia was very professional and properly handled our case with lots of patience, even on days and hours after working time. Thanks to the company and thank you, dear Mrs. Tsoneva!

15.10.2011 - Tatiana Aslanoglou

  • Thousand thanks to Mirela team for their well done job, proffessional attitude and propriety!

19.12.2008 - Jeny Jekova

  • I would like to express my gratitude to Mirela company, and more specifically to Silvia Isaeva and Nadezhda Nedelcheva, for their special competence, professional attitude to the employment and courtesy in our relationship. Thanks from all my heart!

12.12.2008 - Georgi Djimrev

  • Thank you for your help! I wish you to have the same success and many contracts!

19.11.2008 - Natalya Ilieva

  • Thank you for your professionalism, honesty and perfect job of Ivan Semkov and Mirela team.

19.11.2008 - Ivo Ivanov

  • Success, stay radiant and energetic. And next time we would like to win and household robot! 

17.11.2008 - Ekaterina Angelova

  • Thank you for your support and assistance. Be alive, healthy and the same excellent professionals.

17.11.2008 Pavlina Hristova

  • Thank you for the perfect service! Good luck in everything!

06.11.2008 - Neli and Snejka 

  • Thank you for the correct work! I wish good luck for you and for the whole team!

05.11.2008 - L. Zarkova

  • Thank you! Good luck to all of you!

03.11.2008 - Fortuna 7-97 Ltd.

  • Iwas charmed by the good attendance of Mirela real estate agency.

30.10.2008 - Biliana Neicheva

  • Thank you Mirela for your professional service owing to which I found my dream home. Special thanks to Nikoleta Hristova and Petya Lalova. From the bottom of my heart I wish them good health, luck and many personal and professional success.

29.10.2008 - Donka Kotseva

  • Thank you Mirela Real Estate Agency and especially to Bistra Yakimovafor her professional attitude. With respect to the rest of Mirela' team. I will be happy to recommend your company to my friends.

29.10.2008 - M. Georgieva

  • We would like to thank to the best real estate agency - Mirela. Best wishes for great success!

26.10.2008 - Boryana and Hristina

  • With excellent impressions for both of the properties

09.10.2008 - Milko Baramov

  •  Mirela shows a next level standard of service. One of the best companies in Bulgaria!

09.10.2008 - Melissa Ros

  • Thank you Mirela Rela Estate Agency for your excellent and unexceptional service in terms of finalizing our deal. Special thanks to Maya Baeva for everything that she did.

02.10.2008 - Ioana Staneva

  • Thank you  Mirela for your perfect organization and professional customer service. I would like to thank especially to Martin and Maya and I wish them recent growth in experience.

02.10.2008 - Desislava Dankova


  • Thank you for the honesty and excellent service, with which Mirela Agency treats its clients. We are impressed by your professional staff. Special thanks to Stefan Iliev!

25.09.2008 - Aleksandrovi family


  • We have worked for a long time with Mirela Real Estate Agency and the both sides' efforts gave a result. I would like to thank Vesela and Vlado for the good done job.

17.09.2008 - Strashimir Yankov



  • Thanks to Mirela Real Estate Agency and especially to Maya and Petya for their professionalism and good attitude.

27.08.2008 - G. Dimitrov


  • I am happy I bought an apartment with your agency - a guarantee for honesty and correctness.

25.08.2008 - Nikola Manev

  • I would like to express my thankfulness to your agency and specially to Plamena Todorova (the most smiling broker I have ever seen). For all of you it is very true that: "A person could success in everything, to which he feels unlimited enthusiasm!" 

With respect: Julia Stoyneva - 18.08.2008

  • I wish your wonderful Mirela's team go on charming with its professionalism and heartily attitude.

18.08.2008 - Momchil Hritsov

  • You made our dream come true. Sincerely thanks. All people - Mirela's clients will make their dream come true with you!

18.08.2008 - Shopovi

  • I am very pleased with the service in Vitosha branch of Mirela Real Estate. I wish more success in your work.

18.08.2008 - Nasko Nedyalkov

  • Thank you for your care. Well done. I did not expect that you were going to realize our order so fast. I think that it is a consequence  of your professionalism, desire to work and to get good results. I wish you a lot of professional and personal success.

18.08.2008 - Sotyanka Ivanova

  • It will not be too  much if I say that it was a real pleasure working with you. Special thanks to Elena. In the near future we will meet again.

14.08.2008 - Ivan Angelov


  • I am greatful for the responsiveness and Kalin Petkov's good attitude, who for a short term did a great job and found the desired tenant for my property. I am thankful for the good manners and attention. I wish him great success in your firm and in personal plan. Always loyal to Mirela!

23.07.2008 - Tatyana Traykova 

  • Sencerely thanks to the whole team of Mirela and especially to my agent Petya Lalova, who finalized a profitable deal for me. I wish you luck and good health.

16.07.2008 - Lazar Dakovski

  • With many thanks to your professional work, proper attitude and cordial relation. We wish you many new and satisfied clients.

16.07.2008 - Mariana and Yurii Lazarovi

  • We are very grateful to Nina Dimitrova for the pateience!

15.07.2008 - Dario Stoev

  • Thanks for the professional attitude of Krastina Drumeva - employee of Mirela Real Esataes!

15.07.2008 - Rumen Gospodinov

  • I would like to say "Tthank you Mirela", and see you again!

08.07.2008 - Georgieva

  •  Another successful sale for Krastina Drumeva and Mirela  Real Estates! Bravo!

04.07.2008 - Georgi Tsvetkov

  • Thank you for your service and БЛАГОДАРЯ!

01.07.2008 - Vasko Malta


  • I accidentally came across offers of Mirela Real Estate Agency. It wasn't a mistake. I was extremely satisfied with the people whom I've worked with, more specifically Aneliya and Elena, who helped me with a sale-purchase of a few properties. I wish the whole Agency more success and more satisfied clients. If I have to deal with other sale-purchases of real estate I will again turn to MIRELA and the professional agents - Aneliya and Elena. Thank you!

20.06.2008 - Nadya Yakova

  • Thank you Mirela for your proper attitude and good service!

17.06.2008 - Evgeniya Petkova

  • Special gratitude for the professional attitude, the high level of survice and for the opportunity to get the pleasure of working with you. I wish you to remain Agency number 1 in Bulgaria in future!

13.06.2008 - Boryana Peeva 

  • Thanks to Ralitsa for the nice attitude and the efficiency while asisting for purchasing my property.

Petya Kirova

  • I would like to congratulate Mirela Ltd. on its excellent customer care during my house purchase in Bulgaria. Martin from Sofia office and Kamelia from Dobrich office, and their associates, were outstanding in their help, hard work and friendliness and I couldn't have been in better hands. I would be happy to recommend Mirela to anybody.

03.06.2008 - Cliff Burke

  • It was a real pleasure to work with your Agency, specifically with Stefan Iliev. It is great to be served at such a high level which a few can afford. Thank you very much to all from MIRELA.

27.05.2008 - Antonio Georgiev

  • I encountered "Mirela" by chance on the Internet and remained nicely surprised by the good and correct attitude to me. Thank you from all my heart!

26.05.2008 - Veselin Danov

  • Thanks to Mirela Agency and especially to the agent who did a great job - Konstantin Kalachev. With respect.

26.05.2008 - Elena Georgieva

  • Many thanks to Mirela Real Estate Agency!

20.05.2008 - Dobromira Kirova

  • Indisputably good and well organized deal from Mirela Real Estate Agency and especially many thanks to Ivan Semkov.

20.05.2008 - Predrag Yovanovski

  • It is a pleasure to work with Mirela's crew


22.04.2008 - Tanya Toteva

  • I am extremely satisfied with the way the deal was handled and your cooperation till the end! A big THANK YOU to Krasi, Olya and all the rest who work in Mirela Real Estate Agency!

21.04.2088 - Dani Koleva

  • I wish you progress and improvement in your work, excellent professionalism and good luck.

21.04.2008 - Veneta

  • Special thanks for the great help! It was a pleasure doing business with Iliyana Ribarova as a representative of Mirela Real Estate Agency!

14.04.2008 - Alberto, Spain

  • With gratitude to the crew that offers, attends with care and makes profitable transactions with real estates !

14.04.2008 - Teodora Hdjiiska

  • Dear Svetoslav! You are a proefossional and you will have a great future. We are very pleased with your work and will always rely on you. You - this is Mirela, Mirela - this is you. With a lot of love and respect!

11.04.2008 - Larisa and Polina

  • Thanks for the excellent attendance and for the attention.

11.04.2008 - Petar Marinov

  • Thank you Petya Lalova for the wonderful service and perfectly accomplished deal.

09.04.2008 - Ivan Krynchev and Mariana Kryncheva

  • Thank you Bistra Yakimova for overcoming all problems that appeared during the purchase-sale of the property!

09.04.2008 - Ekaterina Aladjova

  • Thanks for the wonderful job and the perfect attendance !

08.04.2008 - Petia Kashukeeva

  • I wish the whole team of Mirela a lot of luck. Always be so professional!

01.04.2008 - Vasil Petkov

  • It was a great pleasure for me to work with Mirela. I am really veru pleased!

 01.04.2008 - Ivan Murtin

  • To Kalin Petkov: I wish you a lot of health, professional success and warmth and cosiness in your new home!

31.03.2008 - Gergana Guncheva
Miss Bulgaria 2004 

  • Thank you for the atention ! With best wishes for further cooperation.

12.03.2008 - Angel Vasilev

  • Thank you "Mirela" for the perfect service and proper attitude!

13.03.2008 - Doroteya Dimitrova

  • Many thanks to the professional attendance and good atitude of Mirela Real Estate Agency!

13.03.2008 - Lyubomir Radev

  • I am really impressed and satisfied with your perfect services. Special thanks to Bistra Yakimova who were with us from the very beginning. Her help was  priceless. Also thanks to Marieta Kirova for the co-operation. I wish you all the best to Mirela's team!

12.03.2008 - Yuliya Jekova

  • Heartily thanks to the proffesionalism and good atitude of Marieta Kirova. It was a pleasure for us to work together! We wish you personal and businnes success in the future!

11.03.2008 - Iveta and Borislav Yovchevi

  •  We are grateful to the professional attitude of Daniela Vardarova from Mirela Real Estate Agency. We wish her to be such a professional in the future again! Thanks!

10.03.2008 - Georgi and Plamen Krastevi

  •  I am satisfied from Mirela Agency and I think that they are very good professionalists, and specially Ianka Stoeva and Nadejda Nedelcheva. They assisted me in buying an estate and they were with me to the very end of the deal!

06.03.2008 - Nikolay Atanasov

  • Thank you very much. I wish you a lot of health, success in personal and official plan!

28.02.2008 - Vera Simeonova


  • We are very pleased with the accurate and professional attitude of Mirela's experts in realizing the deal for the sale of our estate. Many thanks to Nadejda Nedelcheva for her efficiency, commitment and her amazing politeness and ease in our relations.

26.02.2008 - Svetoslava and Stanislav Velinovi

  • Thank you for the great service! I wish a lot of health to all of you and success in business!


  • To Mirela - Real estate we would like to wish to be always so correct and efficient. Let them make more people happy with the properties they have dreamed of!

20.02.2008 - Kondevi

  • Be health, happy, good working and always so helpful. A lot of luck!

19.02.2008 - Ralitza

  • Thank you for Your professional attitude. We wish You future success, more clients, health and luck.

19.02.2008 - Mariela Ilieva and Luka Naydenov

  • Heartly thanks for Mirela's good attitude and organization and especially to the broker - Marieta Kirova. I wish you future of success for the whole Agency.

15.02.2008 - Spaska Evtimova

  • Many thanks for your good attitude and especially to Marieta Kirova.

15.02.2008 - Nadya Dimitrova Vutova

  • I'm very grateful for the efforts of the people from "Mirela". Best wishes and many proffessional succeeds!

15.02.2008 - Ljuben Pashkulov

  • Thank you for your profesionalism and the quick results! Good luck!

14.02.2008 - Albena Metodieva

  • Today we have signed a rent agreement - luxurious two-room apartment. The deal proceeded without any problems thanks to Svetoslav's competent and professional work. We are really greatful to him! Thank you very much indeed!

Best regards!
05.02.2008 - Natalya and Evgeny

  • Hearty greetings for the good job you did. Thanks to Bistra Yakimova and respsectively Mirela Real Estate Agency. I wish you good health and success in your works!

05.02.2008 - Dragomira Pramatarova

  • We would like to thank Mirela Real Estate Agency and personally to Daniela Vardarova for her excellent attituted and professional work. We wish you succes and many new clients!

05.02.2008 - Dimitrovi

    • We are very pleased with the kind attitude of Nadezhda Nedelcheva and Daniel Tonev. We wish Mirela Real Estate Agency success and let you be such responsive  to all your clients. We choose Mirela owing to Nadezhda Nedelcheva who reassure us from the first phone call.Thank you so much!

01.02.2008 - Petya Angelova

  • Vlado brought us good luck and good clients. Thank you!

28.01.2008 - James Flint

  • Many thanks to Mirela Real Estate Agency for your accuracy and assistance till the monent the deal was finalized.

31.01.2008 - Valentin Genchev Genchev

  • We are impressed by the high erudition and professional work of Mirela's employees. Heartly thank you for the attention and your help till the end. We wish you all the best!

30.01.2008 - Mariya and Georgi Kostovi

  • Thanks to Iva Arnaudova for the proffesional and quick work.

08.01.2008 - Margarita Nedeva

  • Thanks to Mirela for the excellent service and good attitute.

20.12.2007 - Miroslav Shishkov

  • Thanks to Mirela for the professional work and proper attitude.

Stoyan Vitanov - 20.12.2007

  • Thanks to Mirela and especially to Nadya and Daniel for the professional service.

20.12.2007 - Yuri Dimitrov

  • Many thanks to all staff they have done a great service in selling my apartment great work Ivan.

20.12.2007 - Steve Coyle

  • I am really impressed by the high quality service I received. The commission paid is fully deserved. Sincerely thanks to Petq who did a great job.

15.12.2007 - Milena and Georgi

  • Big thanks!

Thank you Naday and Mirela's team.

13.12.2007 - Sasho and Veselka

  • Thank you Mirela's agents! One more time - thank you!

13.12.2007 - Mr. Belchev

  • Many thanks!

Thank you Marieta Kirova for your excellent service, the proper attitude and professionalism! I wish you success!

12.12.2007 - Aneta Stefanova

  • Dear people!

We are fascinated by you!
My husband and I are no end grateful to you - for your patience and responsiveness! You did a great job! Special thanks to Dani Vardarova who stayed behind us and our interests till the last day!

We wish you bright future and good clients!

14.11.2007 - Lyucy and Yuly Apostolovi

  • I am impressed by the kind and knowledgeable attitude of the personnel of Mirela - Real Estate Agency. I wish them health and happiness and to continue working with such passion. Keep on smiling!

07.12.2007 - Minka Grivekova

  • I am very happy for working with Olya and Krassi, who assisted me in selling my dweling. They are very kind and competent. Thank you!

07.12.2007 - Ivailo Todorov

  • Mrs. Bistra is super! A real professional! Buy and sell only with her! She is very helpful! It is easy to work with her!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

05.11.2007 - Barouch Carasso

  • It is a pleasure working with you! Wonderful service! We wish success to the whole team!

31.10.2007 - Mitrevi family

  • I am very pleased with Teodora Raikova  - a real professional! Many thanks to the whole Mirela team that stood behind us and finalized a problem deal.

31.10.2007 - Ivan Lukov

  • Thank you for the high standard of service and especialy to Lidia Metodieva!

31.10.2007 - Trifon Trifonov

  • Mirela - the one and only real estate agency in Bulgaria! THANK YOU for your professionalism and wonderful team work. I wish you health and success and I hope that you will always be so devoted to your work.

30.10.2007 - Svetoslv Nikolaev Davidkov

  • I am very pleased with Mirela Real Estate agency and especially with Konstantin Kalachev who made a lot of efforts while selling my property. I am very grateful and wish them success !

30.10.2007 - Genko Koliovski

  • With gratitude for the co-operation, the successful purchase of property. Thanks for :
    The competency, the help during negotiations, the quick transaction,  the patience.

Ivan Ravaliev and Krasimira Ravalieva


  •  Buying an apartment was considered as something difficult and nervous. Thanks to "Mirela" I realized that it is not so! Many thanks to Marieta Kirova - our reals estate agent.

30.10.2007 - Mariyana Stoeva

  • I am very pleased with the timely information and accuracy of Nadezhda Nedelcheva.

30.10.2007 - Diana Belcheva

  • I would like to express my great thankfulness to the team of Mirela and especialy to Kalin Petkov for his professional and effective work of giving my apartment for rent in Vitosha district(Asen Razcvetnikov Street). I am sure that the Mirela team quality will bring a lot of success in future.

Best wishes, Boyan Hadjiev

  • For one apartment we receive two beautiful wine glasses. We expect four more! Congratulations!

24.10.2007 - Boby

  • I wish you all the best in professional and personal live. Be always positive disposed.

24.10.2007 - Bordzhukova

  • Professionalism will become more and more important in terms of business. It is a pleasure to work with you.
    I wish you keep this working level and satisfy all the demand and supply on the Real Estate Market.

17.10.2007 - Hristo Stefanov

  • I wish you keep the propriety, the good attitude and precision typical of your work and I wish Mirela Real Estate Agency to continue to be the agency that gives security to its clients.

17.10.2007 - Rosa Vasileva,
Svetlana and Angel Gobrevi

  • Keep going ahead bul.Vitosha office!


  • Be always that smiling and hard-working, Elena! Good luck!

Vida Marinova - 28.09.2007

  • You are great, I wish you a lot of luck!
  • Be always so honest to your clients. I wish you new even bigger success in business!

01.10.2007 - Pavel Georgiev

  • I wish a lot of successful business deals!

12.10.2007 - Dimitar Kutelov

  • Best wishes for health and successful careers in The European Unions! 


  • Great young people! It was a pleasure to work with them! You did it perfect! Keep working so professional! I feel you friends!

15.10.2007 - Julia "Personel" Ltd.

  • Thanks to Svetoslav!

23.10.2007 - Yordan i Elena Donchevi

  • High quality and attentive service from "Mirela" company in the person of Svetoslav Velikov. Excellent!

23.10.2007 - Elena - Republic of Moldavia Embassy

  • Wishes for future success and loyal relations!

V. Lessova

  • Thank you for your help, Vesela! You really know your work! Health, success, all the nice things and hope we meet again!

T. Kirilova

  • We wish you all the best in the New Year 2007! A lot of health, love, happiness and many successful contracts! Our impressions of MIRELA's team are great, especially of Blagomir and Iren, who really managed to do their work brilliantly and promptly responded to all of our wishes, and with their help we found our dream office! We wish you all the best!

The Pashkeys

  • I wish the nice team of MIRELA a lot of health and success in their business! My impressions of the agency’s team are very good - Blagomir and Iren, with whom I had the pleasure to communicate, are very responsive and kind. I thank them for the cooperation and wish them a successful new year 2007!

I. Stoynova

  • Sincere gratitude for the warm and personal attitude, the kind patience and understanding, and the high level of professionalism! I wish you a lot of success on the real estate market!

S. Stoeva

  • Thank you for your friendly and professional service!

Andre and Marietjie van Zyl

  • Thank you for your consideration!

Dr. Hristov

  • Gratitude for the good work! 

V. Achanov

  • Thank you for the consideration and the excellent service!  Successful New Year!

P. Ivanov

  • Thanks to the professionals in Mirela, I have concluded a very successful and advantageous deal. You have helped me to make the right choice.

Hristo Krumov Nedkov

  • Thank you, Mirela, for the professional work and the friendly attitude! I wish you further success and I hope to work with the agency again!

Inna Pavlova Georgieva

  • I would like to express my gratitude to MIRELA, which quickly and loyally performed its services as a real estate agent. Should I need assistance in this respect again I would gladly address them once more and would readily recommend them to others!

M. Madzharska


  • With gratitude to MIRELA Real Estate Agency and Blagomir personally for the excellent service!

Bulgarian Travel Service


  • To MIRELA Real Estate Agency I wish a lot of success and more good employees like Mihaela Georgieva! Season's greetings!

M. Koteva


  • Merry holidays and a happy New Year!



  • Be as dedicated to your work as you are now! Many thanks for the friendly attitude and best wishes for success, health and long life!

Z. Karageorgieva

  • Together with my husband we never hoped to chance on such a good team of experts. Congratulations for the good work and the perfect selection of employees in the agency. You are really great!   

Dessislawa Zhechewa, Sofia City

  • I am delighted by the professional approach and the correctness of the agent Nadezhda as well as the rest of the Mirela's team. Wishing you a lot of success and correct clients. Amen!  

Ts. Voivodova, Sofia City
P.S. Nice office. Intelligent employees with vision, charming and accurate.

  • We are extremely grateful to the people of Mirela estate agency for the attention, respect to the client and the professional work. It was a great pleasure working together and we will be glad if we have reasons for future meetings.

Biliana Vasileva, Sofia City

  • It was a great pleasure working with you and being your clients. We admire your good working and correctness. We wish joy and success to the entire crew.

Silvia and Tania, Sofia City

  • Dear attentive professional brokers and great estate specialists!

Thank you for the beautiful accommodation you ensured me and for the high quality of service in  your  agency.
Your devoted and current Bulgarian estate owner, ex Baltian Litov citizen for reasons mentioned above.

Ph. D in Geology
Academician Russion Ortodox Academy
Rishard Grishkaianis

  • I thank your company for finding me the most appropriate lodging and for the professional approach to me and the work. With a team like this only success in the future and I am convinced that you will keep pleasing your clients. With respect and gratitude

V. Gradinarov, Sofia City

  • Our endless thanks to Mirela estate agency in the face of Daniela Kotseva for the attention and professionalism in attending our order.

Izovi family, Sofia City

  • I want to say my great thanks to the Mirela employees and especially to Daniela Kotseva, who by showing extreme patience succeeded in realizing one really important deal for me.

S. Simeonov,Sofia City

  • Special gratitude to Nadezhda Nedelcheva for the hearty and professional attitude, as well as the whole team of Mirela Ltd. I wish to Mirela's whole team professional success now and in future.

With respect - Dimitrina Gurova, Sofia City

  • Many thanks from our family for your politeness, professionalism and competence. We wish you many successful deals in future!

With respect - Radka Tsolova, Sofia City

  • Hearty gratitude to Mirela Ltd and Vasilka Konakchiyska for the professionalism and promptness. Wishing you successful deals every single day!

Ivailo Pangorov, Sofia City

  • I wish to Mirela`s employees to stay as responsive, smiling and work with love and desire for their clients, even if they have been bad once!

Best wishes from Joro Skobelev, Sofia City

  •     Work never ends! We hope that we'll work in the future as effectively as now and with good mood with you - the whole office of Mirela.

Tatiana Hristakieva, Sofia City

  • Hearty thanks to Vera Angelova and  Vasilka Konakchiyska for the professional attitude and also to the whole team of Mirela Ltd. I wish you many professional success and personal happiness.

Valentin Sokolov, Sofia City

  • I am delighted at the professionalism and correctness of the broker Nadezhda and the rеst from Mirela. Wishing you success.

Angela Ushagelova, Sofia City

  • I am surprised at the high professional level of the whole team working at Mirela's office and especially from Nadya and Petya, with whom I had closer contacts. Keep up to that level!

Gergana Aleksieva, Sofia City

  • We are glad that we came up to the right place and the right people, namely your company. We thank you for the openness and the professionalism.

Margaritta and Jordan Furtunkovi, Sofia City

  • I am glad that I had the opportunity of being a client of Mirela estate agency. I am satisfied with the purchase. I am delighted at the professional and human attitude and the qualities of Mrs Bistra Yakimova. I will recommend the services of Mirela to my friends.

Stefan Jelev, Sofia City

  • Man is as big as his dreams! Dream and believe in your dreams, and rely on Mirela Ltd for the accomplishment of your dreams. With gratitude for the successful deal. Hope we will meet again in our future dreams.

Stanevi family, Sofia City.

  • Sincere gratitude for the professional and devoted assistance of Mirela estate agency and especially to Petia for the successful completion of the deal. Wishing success to the whole team of Mirela Ltd.

Krasimir Milev, Sofia City.

  • Mirela agency! Thank you for the assistance in the sale of my apartment. I am extremely delighted at the professional attitude of Petya, Nadya, Victor and Vassilka during our contacts till the completion of the deal. I recommend you to colleagues and friends because the big agency is a BIG AGENCY. It gives security, tranquility and high level professional services. Best wishes for business and personal success. Keep your leading position on the estate market in Bulgaria!

Jivko Mihnev, Special Client, Sofia City

  • To Mirela estate agency with best wishes for successful work and high professional achievements. Thank you for the assistance in home buying. Special thanks to Nadezhda Nedelcheva for the responsiveness and the attention!

Alexander Jordanov, Sofia City

  • With best wishes to all employees of Mirela estate agency for the good work. Special thanks to Nadezhda Nedelcheva. A lot of joy, happiness and professional success. Mary Christmas and Happy New Year.

Nikolai Antonov, Sofia City

  • Gratitude to Mirela estate agency for the fast deal. I wish you health and happiness.

Greta Ivanova, Sofia City

  • Thanks to Mirela company and especially to Vassilka Konakchiyska for the assistance in the property purchase. Mary Christmas and Happy New Year.

Igor Genov, Sofia City

  • Thank you for the help and the assistance! We hope that this is not the last deal with your company. Wishing you health, success and success in your noble deeds.

Irina Kostova, Sofia City

  • Special thanks to the team of Mirela and especially to Vera, Silvia and Bistra as well as to Mrs Konakchiyska for the completion of the deal.

Georgi Georgiev, Sofia City

  • I would like to thank 'Mirela' company and especially the agent Tanya Slavova, who is very careful, kind and contributed for fulfilling our wish to buy a lovely countryside property in the village of 'Shuma'. I wish you success in the business and personally-health and luck.

With respect: Dimitar Dimitrov

  • The Yordanovi family would like to thank real estate agency 'Mirela' for the job well done, concerning the sale of our property. We thank for the rapidity and the accuracy, that was important for us. We wish success.
  • Today here, tomorrow on the top! Good luck. See you on the top!!!

Rosen Vodenicharski

  • Good luck to the company!

Vladaicho Shtakov

  • Wish you many clients and smiles!

Bobby Borisov and Sasho Aleksandrov

  • You’re cool!






  • Best regards! More success and smiles and many profitable offices!


    Iliana and Milko

    • Thank you for the honest and professional approach. It’s a pleasure working with you! I wish “Vitosha” branch success and new clients that bring joy and positive emotions every day!



Galia Genadieva “Worly Parsons Europe Energy Service” Ltd.

  • Thank you for your attention and understanding! I wish success and new clients to the wonderful young team of MIRELA!

Adreana Lazarova

  • You’re the best!

Peter Naidenov

  • With gratitude, stride forward!

Antoaneta Petrova

  • Best wishes!

Hristo Ivanov

  • Thank you for the great attendance!

Regards: Natalia Mitkova

  • Profit and success! And if you’re moving to a new office, we will build it!

Borislav Stoyanov

  • You’re great! Be well and always that correct!

Dimitrina M

  • I wish MIRELA keeping the charming smiles, diplomatic attitude and the enthusiasm of the young people in the company!
    Good luck!

Tanya Blaskova

  • Thank you for the quick and professional service!

From the lessor and tenant of the apartment on "Slivnitsa" Blvd.

  • Your service is perfect!

Lyubomir Balevski

  • Always that bright and perfect!









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21.02.2008 - Gabriela


Polya Andreeva

L. Pelova






I'd like to express my thanks to the Agency МИРЕЛА ЕООД for helping me to settle at new house with my family in Bulgaria.
The broker Msr. Sylvia Tsoneva from Sofia was very good professionalist and properly handled our case with lot of patience, even on days and hours after her working time. Thanks to the company and thank you dear Msr. Tsoneva!
18.07.2008, DID YOU KNOW THAT ...