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Dobrich district

Bulgarian properties in Dobrich Region
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Dobrich region consists of eight municipalities: Dobrich-town, Dobrich-village, Balchik, Shabla, Kavarna, Tervel, General Toshevo and Krushari. The region is set on the North-eastern Bulgaria in the Danube plain on the Dobrudzha plateau. It borders Republic of Romania on the North, The Black Sea on the East, Varna region on the South, Shumen region on the South-west and Silistra region on the West. The checkpoints at Durankulak and Yovkovo are on the territory of the region.


The Danube plain features with low-lying and hilly table-land. The most essential features of the climate are influenced by the closeness of the Black sea. It characterizes with hot summer - with great number of rainfalls but in the end of the summer the drought is typical. The winter is cold with stroung winds. Snow storms and blows of snow are often typical in the region- this leads to difficulties in the traffic. 
Two considerable deposits of ores and minerals are located in the territory. The biggest manganese deposit in Europe is next to villages Oborishte and Tsarkva. Two local limestone-pits are working in the territory of the region, too. The region comprises with several mineral springs.


The main branches of the economy are the production of foods, the tourism, the agriculture, the light industry and machinery construction, the market-gardening and plant-growing.
The advantages of the region are the well organized infrastructure, the lack of industrial pollution, the fertile soil and the proximity to the Black Sea resorts.
Many wind generators are operating in the region.



The road and communication net of the region is in excellent repair and gives access to all points of the region and the other parts of Bulgaria. The main roads to The Black Sea, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia pass through it. The railway line city of Konstantsa /Romania/-city of Varna /Bulgaria/ connects Russia, Ukraine and Moldova with Turkey. Important parts of the region are the coast towns of Balchik, Shabla and Kavarna.


landmarks and places of interest

There are many must-see sites on the terriotry of the region: the Botanical Garden and the Palace in the town of Balchik, the Muslim pray-house (Teketo) in the village of Obrochishte, cape Kaliakra, the architectural-historical complex "Yayla", the Bird's Cove, the pre-historic necrorpolise dated back to the 3rd century BC, Sabla and Durankulak lakes, many protected areas, dam-lakes, and hunting reserves.


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