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Lovech district

Bulgarian properties in Lovech Region
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Lovech district is situated in Central Northern Bulgaria, covers an area of 4 128 sq.m. and is with a population of about 165 000 people. There are eight municipalities in the district: the town of Lovech is an administrative and economic centre, Troyan, Teteven, Lukovit, Ugarchin, Yablanitsa, Letnitsa and Apriltsi.
Two thirds of the area of the district is mountainous, the rest of it is  semi-mountainous and just a small part of the area is  plain.  The big rivers floating through the district are: Osam, Vit, Zlatna Panega, Vidima.

The climate In the region is characterized with comparatively hot summer, while the winter is cold with freezy winds. At the same time the regions of the Balkan Mountain Range- Troyan, Ribaritsa, Teteven, Apriltsi and others, the climate characterizes with colder winter while the summer is breezy, a great numer of rainfalls are typical in the end of the spring and at the beggining of the summer. 

The nature in the area is generous because this is the place where the Balkan and the Danube valley cross. There are eight reserves and protected areas which are part of Central Balkan National Park. The most famous are: Kozyata stena, Steneto, Boatin and Tsarichina.


There are two main transport roads passing through the district: E 772 /Yablanitsa - Sevlievo - V. Tarnovo - Targovishte/ and E 83 /Yablanitsa - Lukovit - Pleven - Byala/. Both main roads connect the district with the surrounding ones and with the rest of the country.
Important transport artery for the district is II-35, connecting North with Southern Bulgaria through the mountain pass - Karnare.


The educational system in the district is well developed with 91 schools in total.

  • Ekhzarh Iosif I - School for foiregn languages - Lovech;
  • Veterinary medicine college - Lovech;
  • Leather college - Lovech;
  • College for management of the forestry enterprise and woodworking - Teteven;
  • Art school for applied arts - Tryan;
  • Tourism college - Apriltsi;
  • School for mountain rescuers - the village of Cherni Osam

Since the autumn of 2001 the University centre - Lovech opened doors. In this centre different universitites make treaties for various Bachelor and Masters degrees.


Depending on the actual income the biggest part of the economy is the Industry - 45% covering the following subsectors - Extractive and processing, Production  of electrical energy, gas and water, Construction. Other important parts of the economy are: Trade, car and electrical appliance repairment - 41,8%, Village, forestry enterprise, hunting and fishery - 3%.


There are preconditions for the development of ecological, cultural and balneological tourism. You can find the beautiful reserves Krushuna and Steneto in the district, where you can visit wonderful caves, waterfalls and healing mineral springs. The latter is situated in the spring area of Cherni Osam river and covers an area of 3578,80 hectars. In 1983 the spring area was declared a buffer zone of the reserve. Steneto is one of the hugest reerves in the country with rich and unchanged flora and fauna. The nature of the area, together with the rich historical past make the reserve very attractive touristic destination. Ten kilometers southeastern of the town of troyan in the northern parts of the Troyan Balkan is situated the internationally famous Troyan monastery. It is the third biggest monastery in the country, after Rila monastery and Bachkovo monastery. Saeva dupka cave is situated close to the village of Brestnitsa, 25 km from the town of Teteven. It is 400 m long and with a permanent inner temperature -7-11 degrees.

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