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Bulgarian properties in Razgrad Region
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General information

Razgrad Region is situated in the northeastern part of the Danube Valley and it covers 2,4% of the territory of Bulgaria. Its main city is Razgrad and in the region are included 7 municipalities: Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat, Zavet, Loznitsa, Samuil and Tsar Kaloyan - 6 towns and 98 villages.The bigger part of the region is situated on the Ludogorie plateau. Its southern part is hillside, and on the North it is merging with the valley of Dobrudja and the Danube sided fields. Its neighbors are regions of Shumen, Silistra and Targovishte.

The population of Razgrad Province is ethnically mixed, with no ethnic group constituting an absolute majority according to the 2001 census. The population is 152,417 and the main ethnic group are the Turks (71,963), Bulgarians (67,069) and Roma (8,733).

The region of Razgrad has climate that  is characteristic for its cold winter and dry warm summer because the Black sea is a long way off. The spring starts easry in the region but it is colder than the autumn. The autumn lasts short. Droughts are typical for the end of the summer. 

The region is poor of water resources. The only river, that is significant in hydrographic and economic aspect, is the river of Bely Lom, separating the regions into two parts - northern and southern.


The little remoteness from the Bulgarian border with Romania and the sufficient mighty natural power - the Danube River (with its strong economic and transport potential) as well as the port town Ruse provide opportunities for cross-border cooperation.

There are 68 enterprises on the territory of the Razgrad municipality. For almost half a century Razgrad has been able to prove and protect its name as the leader in the Bulgarian pharmaceutical, china and porcelain-making industry. The "Antibiotic" AD and "Diamond" joint stock companies are best known and recognized producers of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary medicine, pane and figured glass, fine household china, having good positions on the world market. In Razgrad there are also large manufacturers of pistons and segments for the automobile industry - the "Drouzhba" EAD, for mechanized metal children's toys and hobby articles, ski safety bindings - "Micro-67", for maize products - the "Tzaramil" Bulgarian-Belgium company, etc.

Culture and tourist attractions

The registered about 1200 culture monuments, along with the thousands of objects and documents illustrate the rich material and spiritual culture of tribes and peoples, who have lived in the Ludogorie region for centuries.

The region of Razgrad possesses a great archeological potential. Scattered around the area are places like the ancient roman town of Abritus, ethnographic complexes in Razgrad and the villages of Pobit Kamak and Topchi, as well as the worldwide famous Sveshtary Thracian Tomb.

In 1982, while excavating near the village of Sveshtari is discovered the unique three-chamber king's tomb from the end of IV century B.C. Its architecture, the preserved multicolored decoration and the frieze with the ten female figures (called caryatids) present it as a sample of the Thracian building art.

The Ethnographic Complex in the village of Pobit Kamak is situated on an area of 0.4 ha and includes three restored Renaissance houses. They represent a typical Bulgarian mountain home of that time. There are displays in each house that represent old crafts. All exhibits have been donated by local inhabitants. Important part of the complex is a restored wind mill. The village of Pobit Kamak is located 18 km from Razgrad.

Voden hunting preserve (20 km from Razgrad) with its unique nature each year attracts hundreds of visitors from Bulgaria and many other countries.

Only 8 km from Razgrad is located the Pchelina recreation zone. The rich forest fund, pond, tourist huts and trails, present a perfect potential for development of the zone as a complex tourist facility. Close by the area there is a golf course under construction and it is expected to become an attractive place for golfers.


Through the territory of the region crosses the international road E-70 Ruse-Varna, as well as the second-class roads II-49 Tutrakan - Razgrad - Tugovishte and II-23 Ruse - Kubrat - Isperih - Dulovo.

The first rail-road in Bulgaria between Ruse and Varna goes trough Razgrad Region and it provides connection of the region with the neighboring regions, as well with the region of Silistra through the rail-station of Samuil and with the Southern Bulgaria, using the rail-station of Kaspichan. The closest international airport and port is Varna on a distance of 136 km, and the closest river port and border checkpoint are in Ruse on a distance of 65 km from the regional centre Razgrad.

The municipality centre is situated at:

  • 375 km away from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia
  • 66 km away from the district centre of Rousse
  • 66 km away from the closest border checkpoint of Rousse.

The closest transport junction is:

  • the railway - Razgrad station 5 km
  • the sea - the town of Varna 137 km
  • the Danube River - the town of Rousse 66 km.

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