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the Hall of Sports area

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The Hall of Sports area is locked between: Nikola Vaptzarov street, 8-mi Primorski Polk Boulevard, Nikola Mihaylovski street, Knyaz N. Nikolaevich street and the Sea Garden.
There are different types of residential buildings in the area. In the past the smaller streets used to be build up with 2-3 storey houses, but nowadays 4-5 storey residential buildings are rising instead. On Knyaz Boris I boulevard the buildings are predominantly multi-storey. Due to their proximity to the Sea Garden and the sea these buildings reveal a magnificent view - a lot of greenery and the sea.
The area is very communicative. There are convenient connections to downtown the city, the quarters and the resorts outside the city. The central part is in about 5-10 minutes walking distance. The infrastructure is very well organized.
The main landmark in the area is the Palace of Sports and Culture, the Hall of Sports as known by the locals with its unique architecture This is where many cultural and sport events take part - concerts, sport competitions, musical shows, seminars etc. In the Palace there are many sports clubs - carate, ping-pong, eurhythmics etc. Many courses of yoga, calanetics, aerobics and fitness are organized, as well. On the territory of the Palace there are many shops and cafes. Available are medical specialists to offer massage, iris diagnostics, sports trauma treatment  etc.
Expositions and fairs are organized in the Palace of Culture and Sports on a regular basis: "Made in Bulgaria", "The three keays - home, office, villa", the Annual Automotive Exhibition and many others. This is a lovely place to relax, shop and stay fit!
On the territory of the area there are: a secondary school, a kindergarten, a professional tourism high-school, the Palace of Sports and Culture, the Naval Academy, the Naval Academy Planetarium, three tennis courts, a post office, the Administrative Court, parking lots, private company's offices, many shops, restaurants and cafes, the new 5-star hotel "Dimyat" etc.
In an immediate proximity there are : two medical diagnostic consultative centers, a stadium, a post-office, the regional library, offices of banks and cell phone operators, the honourable consulate of the Czech Republic etc.
The area borders the following areas: Zavod Drujba, VINS area (the area of the Varna University of Economy), Chataldja area, the Sea Garden and Chayka quarter.


Bus-lines: 8, 9, 14, 14а, 17а, 109, 309, 409


Text and pictures: Mirela - Varna office

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