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Chaika quarter

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Chaika ( meaning Gull)  is a quarter in the region Primorski and is locked between: Nikola Vaptzarov street, Vasil Levski boulevard, 8-mi Primorski polk boulevard, Knyaz Boris I boulevard.
Its population is about 35 000 people.
It is well developed and settled and it has direct links to downtown the city of Varna and resorts. Through it pass all the main roads between northern and southern  Black sea coast.
The buildings are mainly multi-storey. For the past decade many new, modern residential and administrative buildings have been constructed in the area. One of the first gated type complexes in Varna is being constructed - "Orchid Gardens".
On the territory of the quarter there is: the High School of Foreign Languages, the High School of Mathematics, two secondary schools, a private high school, a private secondary school, a privarte kindergarten,  the High Scool of Sports, four kindergartens, one day-care for children under the age of 3, the National Revenue Service, Chayka Municipality, Kamenar Municipality, Chayka Diagnostic-Consultative Center, Burlex Supermarket, pharmacies, shops, cafes, restaurants, a post office, banks,tennis courts, hotels, parking lots and petrol stations.
The beaches near Chaika neighborhood are among the most visited in the city. Competitions in beach volleyball are often conducted there.
In an immediate proximity to the quarter there are two stadiums, two sports halls and a swimming complex.
The quarter borders: Vasil Levski quarter, Zavod Drujba area, The Palace of Sports and Culture area, Briz quarter and the Sea Garden.


Bus-lines: 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 14а, 15, 17а, 19, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 31а, 51, 109, 118, 148, 209, 309, 409


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