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village of Vodenichane

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Vodenichane is a village in Southeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Straldzha municipality, Yambol region.

It is located 6 km south of Straldzha, 22 km northeast of Yambol, 47 km southeast of Sliven, 88 km west of Burgas and about 330 km east from the capital - city of Sofia.

The altitude of the village is about 117 m. Climate is transient-continental, with most sunny days in Bulgaria.

River Tundzha flows 20 km west of the settlement.

Population is about 430 people.

The infrastructure of the village is developed, built streets, telephone network and mobile phone coverage. The village is supplied with water and electricity. Access is via an asphalt road.

Residents of Vodenichane have a town hall, а community center, а church, а pharmacy, а bee farm.

Nearest GP is in Straldzha and closest hospital is in Yambol. Primary and secondary schools, as well as kindergarten are in Straldzha.

Sightseeings and tourism

Straldzha boasts of with one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the country - "St. Archangel Michael". It has preserved relics and literature dating back to the Ottoman rule over Bulgaria. Notable are the hot mineral springs in Straldzha and Stefan Karadjovo, which are suitable for sanatorium treatment.

"St. George" church in Yambol dates from 1737 and is the center of cultural and religious life of the city. In Yambol town you can visit the park, which is located on an island in Tunja river. In the city is also situated the only planetarium in Southeast Bulgaria. The combination of walks through historic sites with the beautiful scenery, can be completed with tasting of the famous red wines of Yambol winemakers in a friendly atmosphere.

Hunting tourism is practiced along Tunja river. The river offers opportunities for boat passage along the middle course of the river amidst lush vegetation and beautiful scenery. 

The combination of walks through historical sites with the beautiful scenery, can be completed with tasting of the famous red wines from Yambol winemakers in a friendly atmosphere.


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